Ken, Khaoss, Kenya, DeLoach, AKA DJ
Artist Signed By: T.U.B. Records L.L.C.

Ghetto and Reverend Nightmare of the

Action Figure Crew,
first became interested in DJing from watching his older cousin DJ
Kid Swift, who would leave church early so that he could come home
and cut in his church clothes. Also seeing neighborhood DJs setting up
their equipment on their front porches and doing block parties. He
was really impressed with the way that the DJs scratched and mixed in
the records keeping the crowd alive. After witnessing this along with
hearing stories about great party DJs like the legendary DJ Lightnin’
Rich, Kenya became determined to just get some DJ equipment as soon
as he was old enough to work. Later he started to lose interest in
just doing parties because of the declining appreciation and
knowledge of hip hop and the recognition of DJs as hip hop artists.
With this negative school of thought becoming wide spread with young
people, he then decided just to concentrated on being an artist and
perfecting his skills to live hip hop. He linked up with DJ Dice who
was in his art class at Overbrook H.S. and they would practice on his
tables, they watched videos like the one of crew mate, DJ Miz winning
the New Music Seminars (NMS) Battle for world supremacy and vowed to
bring the title back home.

In 1989 He got a job working at local drug store and saved up and bought
one Tecknics SL1200 turntable and a Gemini mixer from Kid Swift. DJ
Ghetto perfected his scratching on this one turntable and continued
to work until he was able to purchase another turntable. He linked up
with crew mate, DJ Kid Kaos, a protégé of Swift and the
two would battle each other every week. Ghetto toured around the city
battling and defeating many DJs and competing in talent shows and
local organized battles that became popular after the release of the
movie JUICE.
In 1992 Ghetto was invited to compete in the supremacy but had to abort
the trip to NYC because of severe weather and traffic, but was able
to compete the following two years going up against top DJs like DJ
Rectangle (DMC US Champion), Mr. Sinister (X-cutioners), DJ Short Kut (Scratchpklz), DJ Noise (NMS Champion), DJ Supreme (NMS Champion), and DJ Vanguard (JUICE), he was eliminated the first time on a very controversial call by the

In 2013 M.A.R.S. Signed Dj Ghetto Ken Khaos to T.U.B. Records L.L.C. for a album deal.

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