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Introducing Lesotho, a landlocked country situated inside South Africa. It is well known for some breath taking mountain views and the temperatures can drop to amazing lows that will have you reaching out for a blanket. Your guess is as good as mine maybe that is how they got to be called the blanket people and maybe that’s why the talent out here spits mad heat just to keep warm. Well, whatever the case may be one thing is for sure a talented artist by the name Unkle Krack spit that heat best believe no blanket formed against him shall prosper.


It’s the 29th of June in Maseru and we are at Café What? enjoying the tri-nations Rap Battle event organised by Versus Lesotho with Rap Battle artists from Zimbabwe (DGV Rap Battles), Botswana (Warzone) and Lesotho (Dirt Mouth). The venue is packed with hip hop loving people, everybody is having a nice time and the vibe is correct. Then in the middle of the battles event a Mosotho born songwriter, rapper/producer takes to the stage as part of the event’s entertainment. The crowd goes crazy, starts singing along to the songs and gets real hyper. If you walked in at this moment you would be forgiven for thinking this was the main performance because the energy on stage and in the crowd is so live. Curiosity gets the better of me and I am reliably informed it’s Unkle Krack a 24 year old rapper from Lesotho ready to take over the globe one performance at a time.

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Posted by Unkle Krack on Monday, July 1, 2019
UNKLE KRACK Performs LIVE on stage.

So we got in touch with the energetic artist to know more about him and what he is all about and this is what he had to say:

How did you get the name Unkle Krack?

Unkle Krack: It came from my high school classmates , originally they called me Joey Crack (Phat Joe) coz of the way I rapped out his verse on “Make it rain” back in the days. Then because my first name “Katleho” has a first character as a “K” I figured I should switch it up a bit and make it Krack. Did away with Joey and switched it with Unkle.

When did you get into Hip Hop and why?

Unkle Krack: Hip hop has always been a culture I loved and got accustomed to. Growing up till this very day I’ve always been about MTV, Channel O even stuff I’d discover on YouTube. But to be specific of when I got into doing hip hop music…I could say since 2008 when I got to high school.

How would you define your sound?

Unkle Krack: Had a team of producers that I worked with not so long ago before they parted ways with the alliance we had. We called our sound Diamond Music, reason being….we can pass a crystal clear message through a variety of genres even though the mother genre has been and always will be Hip hop.

UNKLE KRACK – All The Time (Music Video)

What type of rap is dominant in Lesotho and what is the scene like?

Unkle Krack: Trap is only making its way up in the scene but what has been most dominant has been boom bap rap over the years.

What are you currently working on and what should we look out for?

Unkle Krack: Music videos from the project Changes yet to come, a Documentary and more music. Then on the 3rd of August 2019 people should come out to Café What? in Maseru (Lesotho) for The Changes Xperience event where I will be giving my all on stage performing all the songs on Changes. It’s a FREE event so come out and join me as I put my all in each song and give you a performance version to the songs you already love.


In 2017 Unkle Krack released his project titled Changes. It’s only getting traction now. It was named Changes because of the Changes Unkle Krack was going through in his life. Basically he changed from being the person that his parents wanted him to be (an engineer) into the person that he is today (an artist). The project details his moments as he transitions through love, pain, joy and his daily life’s struggles. He worked with Yung 38 and Nicodig on production and featured Tubby. Changes features songs such as PSA (Personal Service Announcement), Bad-Bad, I’m On Fire, OHMYGOD, WINW, Pride, All the time and our favourite Friends and Enemies.

Do get in touch with Unkle Krack from Lesotho via the following:


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