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At the age of 26 Chronixx is giving out more life teachings through his music than some artists will ever do in a life time. He is a talented reggae singer that has been hailed with a lot of prestigious titles to carry but like the reggae that he is Chronixx is ever so calm and thankful for the opportunities to share his talent and inspire listeners by simply letting the music do the talking.


Born and raised in Spanish Town Jamaica a small town were artists such as Koffee have emerged from Chronixx was introduced to music at a tender age.  Being raised in a musical family influenced not only his name (from Little Chronicle to Chronixx) as his father Chronicle was a singer that saw him being exposed to music quite early in his life and growing from singing in church and at school to eventually producing music by the age of 15. His recording career began at the age of 11 when he recorded a Gospel song with producer Danny Browne which never got released. Chronixx would go on to provide harmony vocals for artists such as Lutan Fyah and begin production work composing Riddims that would be used by artists such as Konshens, Popcaan and Munga Hornourebel for Mavrick Records.


In 2009 tragedy struck that saw Chronixx‘s brother passing away but this incident led him to writing with Romaine ‘Teflon’ Arnett of Zincfence Records and the rest as they say is the present. Chronixx would release his debut EP Dread and Terrible to critical acclaim as the project would be number one on Billboard’s Reggae album chart. The 10 tracks effort would  include hits like Alpha & Omega, Eternal Fire, Capture Land  and Here Comes Trouble to name a few. Production features would include work from Phillip ‘Winta’ James & Lloyd ‘John John’ James with Chronixx‘s in house production team at ZincFence Records, Overstand JA Records and France-based Pierre Bost.

Chronixx speaks on getting back to his African roots and legalizing the herb | Capital Campus

Chronixx has performed in European tours, Reggae SumFest to over 10 000 people, Kenya as a Peace Ambassador during the country’s general election, and performed at the Tuko Rada Peace Concert in Nairobi March 2013. He won the Culture Artist of the Year, Best New Artist, and Entertainer of the Year at the Linkage Awards in May 2014 in New York. Two months later in July he would go on to perform on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on US network NBC. He would then follow this up with a concert in Central Park with more than 5,000 people in attendance. In another two months (September 2014) Chronixx would get nominated for a MOBO Award in the Best Reggae Act category. As if that’s not enough in October he would win awards for Best Song (for “Smile Jamaica“) and Best Music Video (for “Here Comes Trouble“) at the 33rd International Reggae & World Music Awards.


In an interview conducted in Kenya, Chronixx had this to say about inspiration for his music. “Inspiration for the music we channel out comes from everywhere and anything. It’s not from a specific place. It’s life experiences, emotions, stories, social commentary in the sense of what people want to hear and is said through music because music is not just about the artist but the artist should somehow become a creator of ideas that represent how the people are thinking and feeling. It’s the only way people in Kenya can know how the people in Jamaica are feeling and vice versa if our art truly reflects that. We take inspiration from reality.”

Extract from Interview done by Capital FM Kenya

His 2017 Chronixx’s debut album Chronology received a Grammy Award nomination, and in the same year he received a Prime Minister’s National Youth Award for Excellence. Chronology was a 16 track Album containing songs such as Skankin’ Sweet, Spanish Town Rockin’, I know love, I can, Majesty, Smile Jamaica, Loneliness, Big Band Sound, Country Boy, Selassie children, Ghetto Paradise, Black is beautiful, Likes, Tell me now, Legend, Christina & I Know love. One of the songs that stand out is the self-produced, dancehall-styled single “Likes,” which talks about how people are now living for social media likes and recognition instead of living for making positive impact in other people’s lives. Songs from Chronology are a guide to the progression of Chronixx as a well-rounded artist.

Chronixx – Skankin’ Sweet (Studio to Stage Short Film) | Chronology

Gladly Chronixx is definitely not slowing down any time soon. We know this because when he was asked about a retirement plan in an interview by Capital FM Kenya Chronixx said, “I will never retire being an artist. But there are plans to transcend. There are always plans to transcend and more than just plans that give you material but more of plans of how you will transcend as a spirit and how your ideas are going to evolve.”

Extract from Interview by Capital FM Kenya


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