Fun F and Yolanda Cream dish out that Cream


Officially released on the 3rd of February coincidentally Yolanda Creams birthday the Cream EP is an amazing gift to the lovers of good music. Fun F on production outdid himself this time with some amazing backdrops that allow Yolanda Cream to flourish and paint vocally amazing pictures the best way she knows how. At age 19 we can’t believe some of the emotions that ooze out of this 6 track project which tastefully fuses Afro pop and an urban vibe over some smooth but convincingly vibrant Shona vocals.

We got introduced to Yolanda Cream when she released her first single Changu Chabata, a song that talks about a girl who is fed up with lies and town boys and decides to settle for a village boy, who doesn’t give her irrelevant stress associated with social media and modern tawundi (town) life. The song Written by Fungai Paradzayi aka Fun F has part of the lyrics giving reference to a classic track by Willom TightWekumaruzevha. In Changu Chabata they sort of flipped the whole story and tell it from a girl’s point of view.

Changu Chabata – Fun F & Yolanda Cream

She then followed that up with Chipisi an Afro dance tune about having a good time. The song stays true to the predecessor’s Afro pop flare with a somewhat urban pop vibe very catchy and dance-able. Fun F manages to keep to the winning formula while delving into a different subject matter altogether. This is something a lot of producers seem to struggle with especially on a project like this. So when you find someone that can stay consistent while not sounding monotonous it definitely is a good sign that the album will be worth a listen from start to finish.    

Chipisi – Fun F FT Yolanda & Verse’tyle

One of my favorite tracks on the Cream EP has to be Munandi. This is a gospel track about how Jesus has continued to make things happen for her. While it’s my life is the only song that seems to have a balance of English and Shona and is more pop than the other songs on the project. Muwonde is a great love song about lover’s meeting under a tree (muwonde). This song is easily a stand out song still sticking to the Afrocentric sound maintained in the project.  Other songs on the project include Zuva Rekufa which directly translates to the day of my death which is a cover version song.

Munandi – Fun F & Yolanda Cream

So did Fun F and Yolanda Cream create tasty treat with Cream EP? Well, click here to download the project and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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