R.Peels landlord ghetto story

One of the most hardest working rappers in Zimbabwe right now is back again with yet more dope content for his audience just like the consistent rapper that he is. R.Peels has just unleashed visuals for his song “Landlord” taken from the Cursed by Man, Blessed by God EP released late December 2019. The music video co-stars Dj Towers as the landlord that doesn’t want to see R.Peels the tenant bringing in his girlfriend played by Yolanda Cream. The song details the on-going rivalry of a tenant and a jealous landlord told in captivating rhyme schemes and bars with equally interesting visuals to match on a Scrip Mula song production backdrop. Shout out to Simdoc for directing this ghetto story. Check out the landlord music video by R.Peels below and let us know what you think in the comments section below and while you at it get that R.Peels album titled God My Therapist here.

Landlord – R.Peels

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