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sista x - x agenda

Sista X formerly known as Extreme Sanity has released Disc 2 of her X Agenda album officially released in last quarter of 2019. Disc 2 continues where Disc 1 left us with more Rhythm on Poetry giving us the realest R.A.P we haven’t heard in a minute. Overall the whole X Agenda album is 22 songs of which Side A is the first 11 songs and Side B the rest of the songs hence Disc 1 coming from the fact that she released it first. So now that she has re-released X Agenda into one continuous CD I am blessed to hold (Thanks for my official copies Sista X, good looking out) I will attempt to share with you my thoughts on Sista X album titled The X Agenda.

Sista X – Gender Agenda

From the artwork that has her beautiful daughter lifting her fist in front of a background of riot police, fire and crime scene barricades one can get the revolutionary consciousness and will to stand out and speak out no matter what. It also ushers in a sense of young, bold and confident future that awaits if we leave the challenges that come with life behind us. There’s this sense of unapologetically telling your story against all odds which can also be detected from this cover. With that said, this project is not for the average ear that is into mainstream watered down sounds and poor lyricism. Clearly nothing is bling bling and revealing on the cover so do not expect to hear that.  The X Agenda is some amazing food thought journey into love, politics, life, relationships and all that surrounds. It’s a fresh and interesting perspective on the world as we know it delivered on a poetic vocal blend of confidence and powerful emotions over an array of musical backdrops ranging from Jazzy, boom bapp, Rn’B to reggae. Now if you’re not willing to learn, feel, think and keep an open mind then The X Agenda by Sista X is not for you.
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The X Agenda is unapologetically real. Something seldom found in today’s music. It kicks off with Sista X’s daughter asking in the intro, “what’s your definition of beauty”. The hook then proclaims, “Beauty is a river flowing out from the mind/Beauty is a river from the soul’s divine/ on some simple yet daunting guitar strings that add to the mood the content already incites. The song is titled Self Worth featuring JKE on vocals and Joel Karabo Elliott on Guitar and Trombone. Second song is all about bringing you something you can feel on a laid back boom back beat with scratches produced by Zorgan. She drops bars that sound something like

“Bow and arrow/ we targeting the narrow mind space/ we embrace knowledge in all criterias/ removing barriers / discarding ignorance enslaving us/ the braving in us/ raising dust/ against the infamous machinery of man’s demise/ open your eyes / realize/ the power lies in our minds…”

– Sista X

A stand out song that got me thinking and feeling all emotional is track 4 titled frank talk featuring Masai Sepuru on vocals and Soul D’ Mension on production. The song talks about the challenges faced when a couple tries to keep a relationship going from across the border. This is something a lot of Zimbabweans have been faced with as their partners are across the borders (mainly South Africa or abroad) making ends meet while they remain in Zimbabwe raising the kids. The song details the hardships and heartaches faced by both parties and the challenge of having to explain to your children where the other parent is. In her words is changing profile pics to your kids and making selected phone calls enough to parent a kid? She goes on to apologize as the mother left to pick up the pieces and parent the kid on her own as seldom happens in many instances. You can feel the pain and anger as she raps….

I’m sorry mommy lost the heart to continue with the effort alone/ I know you miss him all but mummy is only human you will understand when you grown/ that you can’t sustain a relationships on your own/ coz love cannot be forced and love cannot be begged and no matter what is said love manifests itself in ways that require no words to be expressed”.

– Sista X
Sista X on stage

The X Agenda is laced with 22 gems that will have at least one track that will directly talk to you no matter the situation you are going through. In this modern age of less lyricism and skill Sista X is a breath of fresh air standing out unapologetically to give us the REAL substance and soundtracks to your everyday that will leave you thinking, feeling and reflecting on some of these jewels as they are dropped.  Press play to the X Agenda and get that food for thought. We dare you!  

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