[Video] DGV Rap Battles L.A.B VS Duggy

DGV Rap Battles L.A.B VS Duggy

When it comes to Rap Battles in Africa DGV Rap Battles from Zimbabwe comes very recommendable not just for the talent and skills but for the bravery of making it a point to groom and usher new artists into the DGV Rap Battles League. Like they say, talk is cheap and so having to find artists brave enough to come through and try out is no easy task. In 2020 the DGV Rap Battles was determined to bring in more fresh talent and break new barriers. They kicked off the year with DGV Rap Battle Auditions on the 31st of January and 14th of February (Valentines Massacre) so as to train and pick out some potential talent. Both battles were FREE events as they concentrated more on auditions. On the 6th of March the new recruits had their first battles at the WILD CARD and one such battle was L.A.B VS Duggy. Both individuals were rap battling for the first time on a official platform and as expected there was some hiccups here and there but overall it was a great first attempt for both L.A.B and Duggy. Please watch the video below to check out who the 3 Judges (Thorne Laroq, Big E and Ndebele Black) say won.  Feel to let us know who you think won as well between L.A.B and Duggy in the comments section below.

DGV Rap Battles L.A.B VS Duggy #WILDCARD

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