Luminous brings the Sky City ENERGY

Luminous - Sky City Energy (Artwork)

Continuing a great start to the year is Zimbabwean Rapper Luminous with a fresh new single titled Sky City Energy. The song has production credits from JayTwenny8 who delivered a dope energetic beat setting the pace for Luminous to paint with some quotable bars set to have you running that track back. Luminous also known for Rap Battling at the DGV Rap Battles seems to be steady working on his brand awareness with the launch of his website www.meetluminous.com The website is a one-stop shop for all information pertaining to Luminous from upcoming events, latest music, video features and more. Once again the official website is called Meet Luminous and whilst you at it download some free music for the quarantine times. We all can do with extra FREE music right?

Luminous Website www.meetluminous.com
Luminous Website www.meetluminous.com

Speaking of FREE music downloads this fast paced rap song that sees Luminous paying homage to his city of Bulawayo also known as Sky City is definitely worth your data. With the world facing the wrath of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Luminous has taken upon himself to unleash the Sky City Energy. With lyrical references to Lovemore Majaivana and how the city failed to give him back the same energy he was giving the city to references about how we are so quick to post our partners on social media when they don’t even know their family (something that says a lot about our relationships and social media nowadays) Sky City is definitely worth checking out. Look, if you’re looking for that reality rap on a hypnotic beat then Luminous got the Sky City Energy for ya’ll. Press Play and get this work!  

Luminous – Sky City Energy

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