Osee tastefully teases our brains in Chitsvambe

Osee - Chitsvambe (Artwork)

Not many artists can express themselves well in more than one language. So when you do find an artist that can bring the heat and paint pictures on the mic in a foreign language (English) then totally body the record in his mother tongue, you have to take your hat off and salute the skills. This is what we doing here with Osee a Zimbabwean bi-lingual Rapper who has released his music for the world to enjoy on global platforms. One song that’s worthy of note is Chitsvambe.  According to Osee born Victor Charles Mabika Chitsvambe in the song is basically a brain Teaser. Chitsvambe is all about everyday life we don’t see consciously, the things we are told would change but remain the same and even get worse in some instances. Peep these lyrics…

So many discussions but none of them bring out fruition/
So many questions and no one is giving us the answers/
So much evil and no one is telling us what’s happening/
So many plots but do you see who’s being robbed/
So many promises but the future is gloomy like corpses/
So much preparation but what’s coming we lack knowledge…


Osee started his career as a rapper in the year 2000 where he recorded his first track Ndichagara newe with the late Joe Maseko. Although the single never made it to radio the persistent rapper was back in the studio in 2006 to 2008 recording more than three albums. Unfortunately these works would also not get released due to unprofessional mixing. It was during this time that he curtain raised for Sani Makalima at Hustlers Night Club while he was working with Litchel Mathuthu and Andy Cutta Sobhuza that things seem to take shape for him. Osee found himself writing lots of poetry and working on his solo album.

Osee – Chitsvambe (Artwork)

So much medication but we ain’t wiping away diseases/
So many investigations but some cases are never solved/
So many went from good to bad but how many from bad to good/
Now good is just bad like bad is all good/
That’s why we fearless/
Selfish and lawless, divided/
Deep rooted in boldness/
Society now disgraceful, hateful, distasteful, unfaithful/
Heard there were brave men now nobody has got the nerve/


Now you can listen to the brand new single by Osee as he gives us food for thought on Chitsvambe. Take some time to listen or buy Chitsvambe here. Don’t forget to comment and share below.

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